Friday, June 17, 2011

Bird or animal or ?????

The vent in the dining room has been making a "pecking, scratching" noise for the last few days. We were convinced there was a critter in there.

Yesterday the vent was slightly off the wall (turn of the century house). Not sure why the vent was off the wall but we decided to be brave.

I braced myself and removed the vent from the wall. ducking...nothing came out but the noise continues. Andrew and I make Ben look. he can't see anything and wants my phone since it's a flashlight too. noo way if anyone is going to drop my phone it's going to be me!

Andrew and I move the sewing machine table so we can see in the vent. I start shaking the vent around and the sound continues.

Imagine this: Andrew, Ben and I side by side on our knees looking at this vent while Grace stands behind us demanding to know what is happening. Finally I hold my phone over the hole while Andrew shoves his head in the wall and looks down.

Ohhhhh he says.

I look. Grace Anne I say!

What??? she says.

What??? says Ben.

Andrew reaches in and pulls out the top of the dog food bag. the part that the sting is laced through, you pull the string and the top comes off. Every time the AC came on it made that strip of bag tap on the sides of the vent. He also pulled out a very nasty fork, a writing pen and a plastic spoon that belongs to Grace's tea set.

Grace SWEARS she didn't put the stuff in then vent. If it wasn't her, my second suspect is a blond hair, blue eyed little one year old boy who is much like Grace, but belongs to my sister ;o)

I have one thing to say though: Thank goodness the sound has stopped! it was driving me crazy!!!!

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