Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Because I said!

Conversations with a 4 year old can be a challenge. And no matter the topic I am always wrong.

M: Grace quit chewing on your shirt, you will put holes in it.
G: I'm not!
M: Oh yea? then how did it get wet? (I'm sure she is chewing on it)
G: I was SUCKING on it.
M: right....don't do that either. (I was so wrong)
G: why not?
M: .....????..... Because I said (yep pulled one out of the mom hat)

My kids constantly stump me. Leaving me with no good reasons for the things I say to them. It's hard to always be right when I rarely am. But I'm the mom so my word is law. It's my reward for becoming a mom. Just as it was my mother's reward and so on back as far as mother's go.

Because I said, usually means we have no idea why we said what we said.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

From Men's polo to little girl's dress.....how it's done!

Now before we begin I'd like to put forth a disclaimer. I made this "pattern" up. it's not perfect, but it makes up a cute dress. if you try it and hate it. it's totally NOT MY FAULT. just saying..... (disclaimer 2 - I can't spell. period. )

Step 1: Snag a polo that your husband/teen age son no longer wants or hit up Goodwill. Prepare your polo by cutting off the sleeves along the seam.

Step 2: find a dress that already fits your child that you like the shape of. Also a t-shirt that currently fits your child.

Step 3: button up the shirt. if there are lines on the shirt, pin the edges so that the lines line up.

Step 4: turn your shirt and your sample dress inside out and line up the shoulder seams, making sure that the colar of the polo is centered. (in the picture my pieces are not turned inside out but you get the idea)

Step 5: Trace the sample dress. Do not trace right next to the edge you need to cut your dress 1/4 inch bigger then your sample dress so you have room to sew it all together. When you get the sleeve of the dress, fold the sleeve inside so that you can see where the seam of the sleeve is to get the proper shape. once again. do not trace right on the seam! My sample dress was too short so I made my new dress longer. I also cut off the bottom of the shirt. save this part if you are going to do a ruffle.

Step 6: cut one side of the dress all the way up to the top seam but do NOT cut the front from the back at the top of the shoulder but do shape the sleeve opening.

Step7: fold your polo in half, pin all lines together so that you know when you sew it up, everything will line up.

Step 8: use the first side that you cut as a pattern to cut the 2nd side. Open your dress up and make sure that you like the shape.

Step 9: turn your dress inside out with right sides together and once again, pin your lines so that they match up. sew each side 1/4 inche from the raw edge unil you come to the bottom edge of the arm hole. do not sew the arm hole! I only say this because I tend to space out while I'm sewing and before I know it, I've sewn my project completly shut!

Step 10: turn your shirt right side out...tada! you have a dress! try it on your victim...er...child and make sure you like the fit. if it's too small...oops..find a new shirt and start over, if it's too big you can make adjustments.

Step 11: time for the sleeves! I use a t-shirt to get a rough size of the sleeves, how long they will be and how big around. As you can see, this t-shirt sleeve fits nicely into the opening in my dress.

Line the edge of the t-shirt sleeve up with the bottom edge of your polo shirt sleeve (with both sleeves folded in half). Trace the sleeve side onto your polo sleeve. Remember not to trace directly on the line of the shirt. leave room for sewing.

After you have traced the side, take away the t-shirt, then follow the curve of the top of the polo sleeve to get the top of your new shirt sleeve, as you can see I went a little flat at the top of my line, I fixed this when I cut it out.

Step 11: use your first sleeve as a pattern to create your second sleeve.

Step 12: sew the edge of your sleeves using 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Step 13: Putting the sleeves on your dress can be tricky if you have never done sleeves before. Make sure your dress is turned INSIDE OUT. Make sure your sleeve is turned RIGHT SIDE OUT. If you don't do this, then when you turn your dress right side out, your sleeve will be inside out! take my word on it, I've done it. (more then once.) Slide your sleeve inside your dress so that the raw edges line up and make sure your two seams that you sewed are together. pin these two seams together.

Line the sleeve up along the sleeve opening to see how close the sleeve comes to fitting the dress. if it's slightly to big, no big deal, take a few tucks at the rounded top (the shoulder) as you sew it on. This will give you a puffy sleeve. If it's SLIGHTLY too small, once again, no big deal because knit is forgiving and you can stretch it to fit your opening. if it's way too small, ditch the sleeve, and hem the arm opening...tada...tank dress!

Step 14: sew both sleeves on.

Step 15: turn your dress right side out. if both of your sleeves are right side out and your dress is right side out. good job! now stand back and say to yourself....holy cow I just made a dress! how cool is that???? ok maybe you don't want to stand back and say this...but every time I make something and it turns out just the way I wanted it to...I get excited. :o)

Step 16: if you know how to do a ruffle, you can use the part you cut off the bottom of the shirt to do a ruffle. If you don't, just hem the bottom and call it done. I did put a ruffle on Grace's dress. But I'm not going to tell you how I do it becuase it always requires a fair amount of bad words on my part. As a side note, the button opening in this shirt was bigger then I liked and when I put the dress on Grace it puckered a little bit so I sewed it shut up to the bottom button and now it lays nicely.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bird or animal or ?????

The vent in the dining room has been making a "pecking, scratching" noise for the last few days. We were convinced there was a critter in there.

Yesterday the vent was slightly off the wall (turn of the century house). Not sure why the vent was off the wall but we decided to be brave.

I braced myself and removed the vent from the wall. ducking...nothing came out but the noise continues. Andrew and I make Ben look. he can't see anything and wants my phone since it's a flashlight too. noo way if anyone is going to drop my phone it's going to be me!

Andrew and I move the sewing machine table so we can see in the vent. I start shaking the vent around and the sound continues.

Imagine this: Andrew, Ben and I side by side on our knees looking at this vent while Grace stands behind us demanding to know what is happening. Finally I hold my phone over the hole while Andrew shoves his head in the wall and looks down.

Ohhhhh he says.

I look. Grace Anne I say!

What??? she says.

What??? says Ben.

Andrew reaches in and pulls out the top of the dog food bag. the part that the sting is laced through, you pull the string and the top comes off. Every time the AC came on it made that strip of bag tap on the sides of the vent. He also pulled out a very nasty fork, a writing pen and a plastic spoon that belongs to Grace's tea set.

Grace SWEARS she didn't put the stuff in then vent. If it wasn't her, my second suspect is a blond hair, blue eyed little one year old boy who is much like Grace, but belongs to my sister ;o)

I have one thing to say though: Thank goodness the sound has stopped! it was driving me crazy!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Would you do it?

Today is Good Friday. I didn't fall asleep last night until after 1 am. I just couldn't stop thinking and I had stayed up late talking and joking with my teens. I love and cherish those times and would stay up all night with them if they wanted to. When I went to bed I heard them still talking in their room and it made me smile.

I finally fell asleep by praying. Perhaps prayer is not the correct word. I was reflecting. Reflecting the life and death of Jesus. Thinking about what He lived through the week before He died. Wondering how He did it. How He lived through everything that they put Him through that week.

I went on to wondering what it was like to be him. To grow up and live his life and what he was like. Thinking about my own children and wondering what it would of been like to be the mother to Jesus. Did he know from day one that he was someone special? Making him the perfect child? We know that he wasn't. When he was 12 (same age as Ben) he left his parents to go to the temple. His parents had no idea where he was and searched for him for several days before finding him. Imagine if Ben did that today. If he just left my side while we were out traveling and went to church. I'd call the police and a search would be made far and wide. When he was finally found I'd probably, after hugging him a long time, smack him upside the head for leaving and not telling me where he was going.

Was he a cheeky teen? Towing the line between right and wrong. Staying just this side of wrong, enough to make his mother proud? But crossing the line enough to drive her crazy mad? And when she did get mad did he give her his best smile and say, aww don't be mad mama, I'm sorry. I won't do THAT again, I promise. (THAT being the operative word.)

As an adult (as short as his adult years were) did he ever question his sanity? Can you imagine knowing the things he knew and doing the things he did. Healing people and bringing people back to life. Did he question am I for real? He was human after all with similar thoughts and feelings that we have today.

And back to the week before he died. He was torchered. He was made fun of. Spit on. Probably not fed or given anything to drink. He was offered up and given the chance to be set free but the people stood there in front of him and choose someone else who was a known criminal to be set free. As he stood there, did he plead over and over in his head: please choose me, please choose me I didn't do anything wrong. I don't want to die. He had to carry his own cross, knowing he would hang from it and die.

Can you for one moment put yourself in his shoes? The fear you would feel! The sadness and loneliness. He was a human. He was just like you or me, he didn't have super human strength. I think I would of wished myself dead long before I actually died.

To live through that week and then to be stripped down to nothing and nailed to a cross. To hang there beaten and bruised, starving and thirsty. To hang from nails, it's horrifying!

Being Catholic, Holy week is tough for me. I rarely go to the services during Holy week. I don't like them. It's hard for me to think about reliving the week Jesus had before he died. And the cruelty that he was put through. Maybe it's because I try to apply today's world to what he went through and how no one has to do that now. I think back then it was common practice to treat people that way. Where today we kill the most horrifying people by peacefully putting them to sleep. People who have done the most heinous things are put to death with a gentle injection. with respect. Though I don't belive they should be killed, it's not our right or place to take the life of another, but they also don't deserve the life that they live in prison (I think it's too good). But that's for a different blog.

I'm glad that Holy week is over. And I'll be glad when today is done. I love Holy Saturday and Easter. It's over cast and nasty looking outside. It has rained and stormed nearly every Good Friday that I can remember. I love it when it rains on Good Friday. It makes me feel better.

On a completely unrelated note, it's my Dad's birthday today. It's a lousy day to have birthday. He can't have meat or even really eat. Today is a day of fasting and abstinence. Even though today is not a good day to celebrate much of anything, I celebrate him and I am thankful for him. I love you Daddy, Happy Day!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Join the Blog Hop!

From socks to Leggies

How to turn this:

Into this:

Step one: find a pair of knee high socks. I get most of mine on ebay but I've also gotten them at goodwill and Walmart

Step two: Cut the foot off the sock:

You now have 2 pieces:

Step three: trim up the foot part (the arch of the sock) by cutting off the heal and toe:

Also make sure that the arch part is squared up as this will make it easier for you to sew. The best way to do this is to fold the tube of sock top to bottom and side to side to make sure there aren't any pieces longer then others. Also make sure both tubes from each sock are the same size!

Step 4: Trim about a 3/4 of an inch off of the arch of the sock. This part will be your cuff and if not trimmed smaller will make ruffle rather then a cuff.

These are the only two pieces you need to make your leggies all other parts can be thrown away:

Step 5: take your 4 parts (for both socks) to the sewing machine. using the arch parts of the sock, put right sides together so that you are looking at what was once the inside of the sock. Make sure that you have the tube as it once was, as if to put it on your foot. Line up your raw edges. Sew raw edges 1/4 of an inche from edge. I use a zig zag sticth to give it more stretch and because it's more forgiving. If you don't have a sewing machine you could whip stitch the seams.

Step 6: (forgive me I'm having a hard time putting this part into words) Turn the tube you just created so that the top and bottom openings match up. this makes your tube half the height it was and your seams are now inside the cuff you have created. (see pictures, it's worth at least 30 more words)

Step 7: Line up your cuff and the top part of the sock so that the nice folded edge of the cuff points towards the raw edge of the sock (see picture) put your hand inside of the cuff and grab the raw edge of the top part of the sock and put the cuff on the sock (upside down so that the nice edge of the cuff points towards the top of the sock.

Step 8: you should now have 3 raw edges lined up. 2 from the cuff and 1 from the sock. Make sure that all 3 edges line up nicely. you could pin this if you need to. If hand sewing, whip stitch these 3 layers together. If machine sewing, you are going to put these 3 layers under your foot leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Be very careful that you don't catch the other parts of the cuff as you stitch. Stretch the cuff as you sew but don't stretch the sock. make sure your needle is down each time you adjust the sock and cuff. I sew a little bit and put my needle down, stretch the cuff and realine everything every so often. Make sure you back stitch to lock your stitches in or when you put the leggy on your baby, it will come unsewn. When you are done, pull the cuff back down so it's now pointing down and check your seam to make sure you caught the sock all the way around. the sock likes to pop out of your hand and because you are working with 3 layers it's often hard to see.

As you can see, it's not a perfect science and even though I started out with two pairs of socks that are the same, I ended up with one set of leggies shorter then the other.

In my head it's simple but it was hard to put it in words. Feel free to ask questions and I'll try to answer them!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I think that we have lost souls because someone has failed them. Not taught faith, not opened lines of communication. not told them how loved and wonderful they are. Not put the child up on a pedestal so that they may know what it feels like to be important. So their souls have died a little bit a time, leaving them as bitter angry people looking for a reason to release their anger. Go ahead tease me. Make me feel tiny in an effort to make you feel big. Go ahead hate me so I can hate you back. These people lack faith. Faith that there is someone that loves them, needs them and finds them important.

Some people have not been taught humility. They have been put up on such a large pedestal that they think they are the most important person in the world. They think that everyone is beneath them. Not as good as them. Especially those that fall short of perfect. you know the kid with the really thick glasses or the really bad allergies. The fat kid and even the really skinny kid. The kid with the lisp or the nervous child that talks too much. The poor kid who can't wear the name brand clothes. Or even the kid that doesn't want to be like everyone else. The kid that wants to wear plaid with poka dots and does so proudly. You know that kid...they are "different".

The "different child" makes such a great target for those that think they are better then everyone else. But the "different child" is really good at seeing the chinks in the armor of the perfect one. and the perfect one doesn't like it when the different one points them out. So they push and bully and get others to laugh at the different child.

And THEN there are the games, movies and songs that "teach" that when you are angry you can reach out with violence. It makes you feel better. But can we blame the songs, games and TV? I suppose partly. We need to teach morality. Teach the difference between what is right and wrong. I don't think any one of us can sit here and honestly say we have never had the thought "if I could just punch you in the face I'd feel so much better" The difference between thinking and doing is know the difference between what is morally wrong and right.

My own personal faith, humility and morality started with my parents. Knowing that they were there for me. They taught me to put my faith in others but most importantly they taught me to put my faith in God. They taught me that no matter how important I might be, there is always someone more important then I am. They also taught me right from wrong. It started simply by telling me what I could and couldn't do. No it's not ok to hit my brother when I'm angry. Boy did it feel good to haul off and hit him but that didn't make it right. And I admit that I'd push his buttons just so he would push mine back so that I could hit him. Why?? That outlet felt good! But I learned that it was wrong.

I suppose no matter how much we are taught the difference between right and wrong, anger is still around. Sadly gone are the days of school yard fights to iron out the differences between the perfect one and the different one. The times where even we adults silently cheer on the different one to get in a good hit on the perfect one. cheering on the underdog. No one cheers for the underdog any more because now the underdog has a gun and has joined forces with all the other underdogs and we have an army of lost souls looking for revenge.

You see, no matter how perfect you think you are, there will always be someone more perfect then you are which makes you are you ready for this......the different one. Meaning no matter how big you think you are, there will be someone who makes you feel small. Everyone has chinks in their armor. Everyone has things they do or say that makes them different from another. Because we are human and not a single one of us is like another and someone will always find a way to tease you. Which funny enough makes us all the same! Another strange twist is it's usually the most insecure that pray on those that appear to be more insecure then they are in an attempt to make themselves feel better.

It's sad really. That it's hard to see the bigger picture. And that the shape of our current world comes down to a loss of three life lessons: FAITH, HUMILITY, AND MORALITY.

The following is one of my most favorite songs. You might think I am "dating" myself by admitting that this is one of my favorite songs. But I'm not...it was my older brothers songs. I was only 11 when this song was released. :o)

People are People Lyrics
Artist(Band):Depeche Mode

People are people so why should it be
You and I should get along so awfully

So we're different colours
And we're different creeds
And different people have different needs
It's obvious you hate me
Though I've done nothing wrong
I never even met you
So what could I have done

I can't understand
What makes a man
Hate another man
Help me understand

People are people so why should it be
You and I should get along so awfully

Help me understand

Now you're punching and you're kicking
And you're shouting at me
I'm relying on your common decency
So far it hasn't surfaced
But I'm sure it exists
It just takes a while to travel
From your head to your fist

I can't understand
What makes a man
Hate another man

Help me understand

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Poison Ivy: things I've learned

1: Poision ivy just plain sucks. it, hurts, itches and causes the area in which it is on to swell.

2: once the oil is washed off the skin, the liquid on the rash can not infect the rest of your body.

3: nothing seems to help for long

4: see number 2 but scratching does not spread poison ivy but does damage the skin.

5: You can get it from a dead plant.

6: see number 1.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Ha! People what is wrong with you? Reading my blog just to find out if there is a New Baby Lew on the way? Well as amazing as I think it was for my grandmother to raise 13 children, I think I will let her remain the queen and take a back seat. It would totally be me to end up having twins or triplets or something (all boys) a couple of times and end up with more then her. I still have time....I could try....but I don't wanna! So, that being said, there isn't a new baby.

But I'm late, always late. I try very hard to be on time. I was even late for my own birth. Moved it back a whole month (I'm happy to say I've never been THAT late for an event since then) I get up early and still end up late. It's so bad that when I'm on time or even early people look at me with with surprise.

Things always happen. (ok so yea I blame other things and people on me being late) Like yesterday, we would of been on time for church, but as I went to put Elijah in his carseat he urped all over himself and I had to change him. Things just happen.

Lack of sleep often plays a part in the late game. Last night I closed my eyes at midnight but couldn't sleep. Then at 12:30 I spent 10 min standing at the top of the stairs listening for the boogeyman. That's not my fault though. The dog started to bark. Not his I'm going to eat you for a midnight snack bark but his, I'm here and I'm big bark. Then to add to my concern he began to pace and snort. All of that could of meant nothing more then he needed to go out, but when he does need to go out he comes upstairs to get me, and he didn't. The only other time he snorts and paces is when someone is outside our house on the road. Cross the line from the road to our yard and you will get "THE" bark where he will threaten to eat you. So I didn't get to sleep until around 1.

I woke after 4 when kevin got up and again at 4:45 when he told me goodbye. At 5 I woke the baby to feed him. at 5:15 I put him back to bed. At 5:30 I got up to put something on my poison ivy, taking my phone with me since it's a habit (pivotal mistake) At 6 Grace climbed in bed with me. This is where I blame HER for me being late. She snuggled up tight against me and I finally drifted blissfully asleep. at 6:15 my alarm went off...on the phone that I had left in the bathroom. At 6:40 Andrew wakes me up to tell me that Elizabeth was outside with the kids. The kids she was bringing to me early so that I could go see Christian's pictures he had taken on Thursday. She being the good sister got the kids to me early, i being the bad sister, overslept and made that pointless for her.

Late for my own birth, late for everything in life, I will probably manage to be late for my own death.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reading not writing

It's been a few days since I've written. I have discovered the Kindle app on my Ipad. I LOVE it. I love to read but I've not been able to read much since the two littles were born. No matter what kind of bookmark Grace ALWAYS pulls it out. always. So when I do get a chance to sit down and read I have to dedicate so much time to just finding my page that by the time I find it and start to read, my time is up.

I could read while I nurse Elijah but it seems that he has these magical long arms and no matter how far away I try to hold the books (and still be able to read the words) he is able to swat at the book or kick it. Or in some way makes it impossible for me to hold him and the book.

Using the Kindle app I can make the words fairly big and sit it beside me on the bed, no hands needed and I don't even think he knows I'm reading. and I would say grace has not pulled my book mark since it keeps track of what page you were on but she did hop up on my lap and real fast scroll my pages so I had to figure out which way she scrolled and then find my spot but I didn't mind as much as doing it with a paper book.

So. I've had nothing to write about because I've been living in a world where Mermaids walk amoung us. Alice at Heart. good book.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Pete and Repeat were sitting on a fence, Pete fell off who was left?

Don't bite me! Get down! Get that out of your mouth! Are you going to eat? Don't walk on the back of the couch, you're NOT in the circus! Get OFF your brother! I love you too! Pick up your socks please. Do you have homework? Will you bring in the trash cans? Will you clean the kitchen? Do you have to work? Are you going out tonight? Will you stop saying huh? Why don't you ever hear me?

Today, just today, I want to be Pete!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Good morning Rambles

What every mother loves to hear when the baby didn't wake her up early: Mama, I going to miss the bus. What every good mother that has a friend that teaches at the school does: grab the trusty cell phone and send the following text: hey can you pick Ben up? Then the waiting game. Will she get the text in time? lay there. lay there. drat! And of course as most things go for me, the moment I step off the last step fully dressed shoes in hand my phone goes off: sure be there in 10 min. DANG IT! But by this point I've gotten myself excited by the idea that I can have warm food that I didn't cook (nor burn) so I told her to: never mind!

After ordering food for Ben, Grace and myself, I order food for Kevin. I'd like a number 11 with coffee please. (only coffee is put on the screen) Ma'am does your screen look correct? Did you get the number 11? uhhh no (they add the number 11 which is the steak, egg and cheese on a bagel) What did you want to drink with that? the large coffee?!? oh...ok. As we are waiting in the drop off line Ben says: what did you order Papa? a sandwhich. Must be a messy sandwhich he says. Why? because they gave him a fork and knife. odd. What's the butter for? butter?? yes mama the butter, what's the butter for. There's butter in the bag? yes! odd. When I got home I peeked in the bag. Grabbed my sandwhich and the crying baby and we sat down to eat. I enjoyed my mcgriddle and I hope that kevin enjoys his pancakes, sausage and coffee. (conclusion: either I picked the wrong number or they gave the wrong food, but my food was right so for once I'm gonna say...I don't really care! :o)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Total Drama Island!

Small town life. It can be such a drag on the kids. One some what small mistake gets blasted all over town. Now aided by the ability to sit down to the computer and say OMG did you see what sally did today??????

And as if that wasn't enough, Sally's friend tried to defend her. But as would be typical of someone mad, her thoughts were not conveyed well and she tried to argue with adults making her come across as well silly.

Through all that was said and apparently done (though I did not witness so I'll not go into details) one statement that was meant to be used as a defence screams at me.

Sex sells.

WOW. Is that really what these girls think? Is that what they think they need to do in order to raise money? I can't imagine they made any more profit for their team using that mentality. Would not of sold anything to me. I would of kept on driving. How many in town did that very same thing? Did not stop to help this team out because of the few that were trying to pull in customers decided to "sell sex" (let me edit this to say...they were not actually selling sex but rather, apparently (becaues I was not there and didn't see it....) using their bodies to entice people to come to a fundraiser).

As a parent of teens I would of been beyond upset if that is what was being advertised. I think I probably would of pulled in, said something to those in charge and if things didn't change, taken my child home.

I feel really bad for the girl who was raked over the coals on facebook yesterday by adults. concerned adults. but Monday might be rough for her. Monday might be rough for the whole team as I won't be surprised if concerned parents and citizens call the school.

What these girls need to remember is they are part of a team. Each girl sells the team, the team sells the school and the school sells the city. Do you want to sell our town as a place to come pick up cheap girls?

Sex sells sex...and little else.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life According to Bacie (chapter 2 REPOST)

Due to the lack of a functioning brain today, I'm just going to repost the next chapter in Life According to Bacie. This is one of my favorites.

Posted on Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at 8:54am

Last night I colored my hair and therefor had to go in the basement to take a shower. Grace being my ever constant shadow was of course down there with me. As I am rinsing the color from my hair, Grace lets out a shriek. I look out at her and she's jumping and backing away, crying "it bite me! it bite me"

I kept asking her, what is biting you?? but seeing as I still had color on my hair there was very little I could do for her. So I did the next best thing.....


Bacie's knight in shinning armor comes busting through the basement door, gives her a quick once over and whisks her off to the safety of the upstairs.

As I was getting ready to leave the basement I saw the villain that had scared the adventurer off. He was a scary thing indeed. all long and brown and spotted and....slimy.....Poor Mr. Slug who was likely minding his own business when Bacie picked him up. She swears he bit her. But from looking at the slim on her, she picked him up, was freaked by how slimy he was and tried to throw him down, but instead of hitting the ground, he landed on her knee and then slithered down her leg. her wild jumping and screaming must of knocked him to the floor right in front of the basement door, where the Knight slayed Grace's dragon with his mighty....size 12 shoe.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Heavy heart. My thoughts can't leave the Jones Family

My thoughts have been with my friend (and classmate) Jodi and her family since the sudden death of her father.

While Tom's most important roll was husband/father and grandfather, he had a minor roll of being our Mayor.

I remember Tom from when we were in high school. He was on of those parents that you could laugh with. he always had a smile for Jodi and for all of us. Not one of those stuffy parents that made you want to run and hide because surely you have done something wrong and they know you have. Tom wasn't like that. He seemed to actually enjoy us being who we were: teens.

We had a chance to deal with Mayor Tom Jones a few months back when Christian's car was damaged due to road damage. There was a war between two different companies as to who should fix it. Before it was over, tom said get the car fixed. The city will pay for it and then go after one of the companies. In the end, one of the companies stepped up and fixed the car (not the one that we felt was responsible). Tom was an all around great guy with an addictive smile.

He died in his sleep. Which honestly for him..what a way to go. Lucky guy. Dealing with death is never easy. As a loved one the selfish side of you wants to know it's coming so you can say goodbye and aren't left with what ifs. However that usually means you have to watch the person suffer and that's horrible. But when they die suddenly and you know they never suffered you are left with those horrible what ifs but with the peace of knowing they never felt pain or fear.

The viewing was yesterday. I wanted to go but I didn't. I wanted to give Jodi a hug and let her know that I've had her in my constant thoughts since we found out about her dad. I didn't go though because I figured most of the town would turn out. The wait to get into the funeral home was over an hour. I'm sure the family was tired physically and mentally. That's so many people they had to meet and greet. I feel bad for the family. And I'm sure today wasn't any better. The had the viewing for another 2 hours this morning. As I type the funeral is just starting. I wish the family had time to grieve without being in the publics eye. That in these last moments they didn't have to share Tom with the city.

Rest in Peace Tom.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Good night Saturday

I have 50 followers, more or less. meaning there's a slight chance that some people might possibly be following me under their twitter, gmail and yahoo accounts. I will not confirm nor deny that statement. :o) But any how....Thank you for following me. it's been a long day and I'm going to have to say: good night saturday, see you in a week!.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Don't forget to feed the fish!

click the screen to give the fish food. :o)

Good morning Saturday!

I'm enjoying a few moments alone. Ben took the baby down to daddy and Grace is down there too. nice. very, very nice ;o) I'm sure it won't last more then a moment. Ben has been going from kevin and I trying to convince one of us to go buy donuts. It's kevin's job. always has been.

I'm loving the rain. No one gets their car washed when it's raining so it's quiet. As quiet as it ever gets when living on the main road. At least it's just cars. and fire trucks. and ambulances. oh and police cars. Yep quiet. No blowers running from the car wash across the street.

I am up to 39 viewers on my blog. I need 11 more people! Very thankful to those that clicked the follow button.

Someone put a sign in our yard and some sort of bird. My first thought was..well they should of asked. How rude. But to be honest, I don't care that they put a sign in the yard I would of told them yes. So I don't know why I care that they didn't ask.

Not much planned for today. Christian is off to work and Kevin will be too. I won't have anything to drive until Christian gets home from work. Then we have to go to church. Will take several trips to get us all there in a little neon with Eli's seat taking up half the back seat. Christian will have to take the babies and I and then go back home and pick up Ben and Andrew. The same to get home. Really sucks kevin having my van. Grace is having to sit in a backless booster just so that we have one carseat that can be moved easily. makes me nervous her being in that seat.

Enough rambling for now. That's all this is. Rambling. Not feeling funny or creative this morning. Maybe I should wait to blog after my pot of coffee.

Friday, March 4, 2011


So yesterday I entered my first two giveaways. It was fun! But now I have a problem....how much other stuff could I try to win for free????? seriously there's a ton out there! It could be my full time job and in the process I could become a hoarder and end up on TV! Well..yea you know..provided I started to actually win some of them LOL Adam Sandler in Bedtime stories comes to mind: for freeeeee? yea sure whatever. Love that movie.

Life According to Bacie (chapter 1 - repost)

I'm going to start moving my stuff over here from facebook. here if the first chapter in Grace's book ;o)

Posted on: Friday, June 25, 2010 at 1:05am

I was cleaning the kitchen today when Grace walks up to me and says: Where yous phone? I pointed to the counter while I said, right over there..... Grace looks where I point and smiles.

I said HEY!! my phone is gone, Grace do YOU know where my phone is? She is innocently standing there with her hands behind her back.

Do you have my phone Gracie? She grins from ear to ear. Can I have my phone please? At this point, she brings her hands in front of her and spreads her fingers wide showing that she does NOT have my phone.

Where is my phone Grace?

To which my daughter giggles and says: Bacie habe yous phone mama!

Where is it?? She giggles again and reaches down her diaper and starts to pull out my phone! It seems I have my own little Tommy Pickles who has decided that her diaper is a perfect place to store things.

Meanwhile I am once again very pleased that my phone is water proof as the first thing I did after removing my phone from her diaper was to walk over to sink and wash it!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

searching for followers

Now that I've advertised my blog I'm going to have to start blogging. hopefully I won't be too boring! :o) I'll do my best is all I can say!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

surprise gifts

You know those days when you walk to the mailbox and find a package? You don't remember ordering anything and it's not a holiday or anything. so with excitment you tear into the package and find a special gift and a note that says: I saw this and thought of you.

I got one of those. Found out it was coming a year ago. Can't say I was thrilled at the time. then it was here. With bright blue eyes and the most killer smile you have ever seen. My little Eli is one of those surprise gifts. Best little package. Not expected or even hoped for. Just given to me for no reason at all. With a note from God that said: Saw this little guy and thought of you.

About a year and half ago I wondered how does one know when they are done having kids? A little over a year ago I decided that one knows because they can't keep up with the ones they already have or maybe can't control them. I decided that I was done having kids. ;o) Grace is a handful and when I found out I was pregnant I felt panic. How could I handle a new baby when i can't keep up with the whirl wind of a child that I'm currently trying to raise past her toddler years.

I should of known better then to panic. God really does know what is good for me and I have to remember to let Him be and let Him do what He needs to do in my life. Elijah is what I needed to get my free bird to land for a little bit. She's so over the top in love with her baby brother that she spends a great deal of time hovering over him. standing watching him sleep, or holding him or kissing him. If I want to know where Grace is, I really just need to know where Eli is. I'm not saying she's suddenly calm and never gets herself into trouble. I think she will always be who is...my wild child.

The other day my two darling babies made their way into my bath. Grace quietly playing on her own end of the tub, Eli floating and kicking. Eli glances at his sister, gives her his very best ornery grin, picks up both legs and slams them into the water, sending a very calcuated splash of water right into his sister's face. As she gasped and said: Leelie! That's not nice! he simply gave a giggle and went back to kicking in the water. Could it be that this tiny little guy will be able to control our free spirit of a child? Could it be that he will have just enough power and she be unable to do anything about it because she is so over the top in love with this little guy that he can do what I've not been able to do?

I love Elijah and can't imagine my life with out my surprise gift. My reminder to let go and let God. Each of my children have been a message to me and I've been wondering what Eli's message was. now I know and I'll add it to my list.

Christian - laugh. Be happy with what you have but don't be afraid to go for that goal that seems unreachable and laugh (a lot)
Andrew - love. unconditional love
Benjamin - life goes on, take time to be silly
Grace - be free to be who you are
Elijah - Let go and Let God

"I saw this and thought of you"