Sunday, March 13, 2011

Total Drama Island!

Small town life. It can be such a drag on the kids. One some what small mistake gets blasted all over town. Now aided by the ability to sit down to the computer and say OMG did you see what sally did today??????

And as if that wasn't enough, Sally's friend tried to defend her. But as would be typical of someone mad, her thoughts were not conveyed well and she tried to argue with adults making her come across as well silly.

Through all that was said and apparently done (though I did not witness so I'll not go into details) one statement that was meant to be used as a defence screams at me.

Sex sells.

WOW. Is that really what these girls think? Is that what they think they need to do in order to raise money? I can't imagine they made any more profit for their team using that mentality. Would not of sold anything to me. I would of kept on driving. How many in town did that very same thing? Did not stop to help this team out because of the few that were trying to pull in customers decided to "sell sex" (let me edit this to say...they were not actually selling sex but rather, apparently (becaues I was not there and didn't see it....) using their bodies to entice people to come to a fundraiser).

As a parent of teens I would of been beyond upset if that is what was being advertised. I think I probably would of pulled in, said something to those in charge and if things didn't change, taken my child home.

I feel really bad for the girl who was raked over the coals on facebook yesterday by adults. concerned adults. but Monday might be rough for her. Monday might be rough for the whole team as I won't be surprised if concerned parents and citizens call the school.

What these girls need to remember is they are part of a team. Each girl sells the team, the team sells the school and the school sells the city. Do you want to sell our town as a place to come pick up cheap girls?

Sex sells sex...and little else.

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