Friday, March 4, 2011


So yesterday I entered my first two giveaways. It was fun! But now I have a much other stuff could I try to win for free????? seriously there's a ton out there! It could be my full time job and in the process I could become a hoarder and end up on TV! Well..yea you know..provided I started to actually win some of them LOL Adam Sandler in Bedtime stories comes to mind: for freeeeee? yea sure whatever. Love that movie.


  1. You are too cute! I can teach you how to do this!!! It's fun when you get a FREE hairbow, Tutu, children's book, adult books, etc. in the mail, for FREE, for writing reviews on your blog! It's fun, but it work too at the same time.

  2. for freeeeeeeeeee?? (ok really if you have not seen that movie that means nothing)

  3. Personally, I'd love to review food. Dinner for 5, and I will review the meal... :D