Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Good morning Rambles

What every mother loves to hear when the baby didn't wake her up early: Mama, I going to miss the bus. What every good mother that has a friend that teaches at the school does: grab the trusty cell phone and send the following text: hey can you pick Ben up? Then the waiting game. Will she get the text in time? lay there. lay there. drat! And of course as most things go for me, the moment I step off the last step fully dressed shoes in hand my phone goes off: sure be there in 10 min. DANG IT! But by this point I've gotten myself excited by the idea that I can have warm food that I didn't cook (nor burn) so I told her to: never mind!

After ordering food for Ben, Grace and myself, I order food for Kevin. I'd like a number 11 with coffee please. (only coffee is put on the screen) Ma'am does your screen look correct? Did you get the number 11? uhhh no (they add the number 11 which is the steak, egg and cheese on a bagel) What did you want to drink with that? the large coffee?!? oh...ok. As we are waiting in the drop off line Ben says: what did you order Papa? a sandwhich. Must be a messy sandwhich he says. Why? because they gave him a fork and knife. odd. What's the butter for? butter?? yes mama the butter, what's the butter for. There's butter in the bag? yes! odd. When I got home I peeked in the bag. Grabbed my sandwhich and the crying baby and we sat down to eat. I enjoyed my mcgriddle and I hope that kevin enjoys his pancakes, sausage and coffee. (conclusion: either I picked the wrong number or they gave the wrong food, but my food was right so for once I'm gonna say...I don't really care! :o)

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  1. And to add to that, Ty honey for the food it was great.