Monday, March 28, 2011


Ha! People what is wrong with you? Reading my blog just to find out if there is a New Baby Lew on the way? Well as amazing as I think it was for my grandmother to raise 13 children, I think I will let her remain the queen and take a back seat. It would totally be me to end up having twins or triplets or something (all boys) a couple of times and end up with more then her. I still have time....I could try....but I don't wanna! So, that being said, there isn't a new baby.

But I'm late, always late. I try very hard to be on time. I was even late for my own birth. Moved it back a whole month (I'm happy to say I've never been THAT late for an event since then) I get up early and still end up late. It's so bad that when I'm on time or even early people look at me with with surprise.

Things always happen. (ok so yea I blame other things and people on me being late) Like yesterday, we would of been on time for church, but as I went to put Elijah in his carseat he urped all over himself and I had to change him. Things just happen.

Lack of sleep often plays a part in the late game. Last night I closed my eyes at midnight but couldn't sleep. Then at 12:30 I spent 10 min standing at the top of the stairs listening for the boogeyman. That's not my fault though. The dog started to bark. Not his I'm going to eat you for a midnight snack bark but his, I'm here and I'm big bark. Then to add to my concern he began to pace and snort. All of that could of meant nothing more then he needed to go out, but when he does need to go out he comes upstairs to get me, and he didn't. The only other time he snorts and paces is when someone is outside our house on the road. Cross the line from the road to our yard and you will get "THE" bark where he will threaten to eat you. So I didn't get to sleep until around 1.

I woke after 4 when kevin got up and again at 4:45 when he told me goodbye. At 5 I woke the baby to feed him. at 5:15 I put him back to bed. At 5:30 I got up to put something on my poison ivy, taking my phone with me since it's a habit (pivotal mistake) At 6 Grace climbed in bed with me. This is where I blame HER for me being late. She snuggled up tight against me and I finally drifted blissfully asleep. at 6:15 my alarm went off...on the phone that I had left in the bathroom. At 6:40 Andrew wakes me up to tell me that Elizabeth was outside with the kids. The kids she was bringing to me early so that I could go see Christian's pictures he had taken on Thursday. She being the good sister got the kids to me early, i being the bad sister, overslept and made that pointless for her.

Late for my own birth, late for everything in life, I will probably manage to be late for my own death.


  1. Elizabeth Taylor had them deliver her late to her funeral, because she was ALWAYS late to everything lol.