Monday, March 7, 2011

Heavy heart. My thoughts can't leave the Jones Family

My thoughts have been with my friend (and classmate) Jodi and her family since the sudden death of her father.

While Tom's most important roll was husband/father and grandfather, he had a minor roll of being our Mayor.

I remember Tom from when we were in high school. He was on of those parents that you could laugh with. he always had a smile for Jodi and for all of us. Not one of those stuffy parents that made you want to run and hide because surely you have done something wrong and they know you have. Tom wasn't like that. He seemed to actually enjoy us being who we were: teens.

We had a chance to deal with Mayor Tom Jones a few months back when Christian's car was damaged due to road damage. There was a war between two different companies as to who should fix it. Before it was over, tom said get the car fixed. The city will pay for it and then go after one of the companies. In the end, one of the companies stepped up and fixed the car (not the one that we felt was responsible). Tom was an all around great guy with an addictive smile.

He died in his sleep. Which honestly for him..what a way to go. Lucky guy. Dealing with death is never easy. As a loved one the selfish side of you wants to know it's coming so you can say goodbye and aren't left with what ifs. However that usually means you have to watch the person suffer and that's horrible. But when they die suddenly and you know they never suffered you are left with those horrible what ifs but with the peace of knowing they never felt pain or fear.

The viewing was yesterday. I wanted to go but I didn't. I wanted to give Jodi a hug and let her know that I've had her in my constant thoughts since we found out about her dad. I didn't go though because I figured most of the town would turn out. The wait to get into the funeral home was over an hour. I'm sure the family was tired physically and mentally. That's so many people they had to meet and greet. I feel bad for the family. And I'm sure today wasn't any better. The had the viewing for another 2 hours this morning. As I type the funeral is just starting. I wish the family had time to grieve without being in the publics eye. That in these last moments they didn't have to share Tom with the city.

Rest in Peace Tom.

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