Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reading not writing

It's been a few days since I've written. I have discovered the Kindle app on my Ipad. I LOVE it. I love to read but I've not been able to read much since the two littles were born. No matter what kind of bookmark Grace ALWAYS pulls it out. always. So when I do get a chance to sit down and read I have to dedicate so much time to just finding my page that by the time I find it and start to read, my time is up.

I could read while I nurse Elijah but it seems that he has these magical long arms and no matter how far away I try to hold the books (and still be able to read the words) he is able to swat at the book or kick it. Or in some way makes it impossible for me to hold him and the book.

Using the Kindle app I can make the words fairly big and sit it beside me on the bed, no hands needed and I don't even think he knows I'm reading. and I would say grace has not pulled my book mark since it keeps track of what page you were on but she did hop up on my lap and real fast scroll my pages so I had to figure out which way she scrolled and then find my spot but I didn't mind as much as doing it with a paper book.

So. I've had nothing to write about because I've been living in a world where Mermaids walk amoung us. Alice at Heart. good book.

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  1. I love reading too! My kindle is my new best friend! I can read in the same room that Noah is in without having to turn the light on and wake hime up :) Love being able to make the font bigger too so I don't have to wear my glasses and get them smooshed into my temple by my pillow :))