Saturday, March 5, 2011

Good morning Saturday!

I'm enjoying a few moments alone. Ben took the baby down to daddy and Grace is down there too. nice. very, very nice ;o) I'm sure it won't last more then a moment. Ben has been going from kevin and I trying to convince one of us to go buy donuts. It's kevin's job. always has been.

I'm loving the rain. No one gets their car washed when it's raining so it's quiet. As quiet as it ever gets when living on the main road. At least it's just cars. and fire trucks. and ambulances. oh and police cars. Yep quiet. No blowers running from the car wash across the street.

I am up to 39 viewers on my blog. I need 11 more people! Very thankful to those that clicked the follow button.

Someone put a sign in our yard and some sort of bird. My first thought was..well they should of asked. How rude. But to be honest, I don't care that they put a sign in the yard I would of told them yes. So I don't know why I care that they didn't ask.

Not much planned for today. Christian is off to work and Kevin will be too. I won't have anything to drive until Christian gets home from work. Then we have to go to church. Will take several trips to get us all there in a little neon with Eli's seat taking up half the back seat. Christian will have to take the babies and I and then go back home and pick up Ben and Andrew. The same to get home. Really sucks kevin having my van. Grace is having to sit in a backless booster just so that we have one carseat that can be moved easily. makes me nervous her being in that seat.

Enough rambling for now. That's all this is. Rambling. Not feeling funny or creative this morning. Maybe I should wait to blog after my pot of coffee.

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