Monday, January 18, 2016

Who wants to go on an adventure with me?

Lets talk about direct sales. I've tried a couple of companies. One of them that shall remain nameless...I was a failure. I love the products and that's why I signed up. But in reality, I couldn't stand there and say that this particular product was better than one you could buy at the store. SOME of their products WERE indeed better. but most of them...were just simply....more expensive. Not better. On top of the fact that I couldn't stand behind my product, I found the quota to be unreasonable. So I became a direct sales failure.

I've looked into other direct sales companies, looking for that perfect opportunity that would bring me both a discount and an income. But the monthly/quarterly quota was a killer on all of them. It's an important question to ask, What is expected of me? What is my Quota? And then you need to decide if you are just after the discount, is it enough that you alone can fulfill that quota? And if not, do you stand behind the product enough that you can sell it to meet the quota?

I have found my company. Which company is good for you might be a different company. You have to find a product that you love, that you can be excited about because if you aren't excited about your products, you will never be able to sell them. You also have to find a business plan that you can live with. You must be able to live with every part of it.

My company is Jewelry In Candles. I love their candles and tarts. They are made of soy and burn clean. They are non-toxic. And if my kids spill them I can clean them up with soap and water. I also don't have to worry about the wax blistering their skin because soy has a lower melting temperature than petroleum wax. Unlike other similar companies, with Jewelry in Candles you can pick your jewelry: earrings, necklace or ring (pick your ring size) but men's and woman's rings. When the candle is gone, I use the jars as drinking glasses. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that my product is superior to other similar products. And the customer service behind that product is amazing.

But lets talk about being a rep. Why would I want to be one? Firstly for the discount. I get a 30% discount on everything that I buy. I was going to be buying them anyway from a friend so I decided, I might as well save as much money as I could. When I signed up, I spent $39. I save 7.49 on each candle that I buy. Once I had bought 4 candles, my sign up cost had paid for itself.

Secondly, I'm a rep for the income that I make. I use my product daily. This makes it easy for me to be excited about it. If I'm excited when I talk about my candles, then someone else is going to be excited to try it. Once they try it, I'm confident they will continue to use it. Every time they buy a candle, I make 30%. To some $7.49 might not seem like a lot of money. If I sold 8 candles a day I'd have the equivalent of a full time job making more than minimum wage in Indiana. I don't always have enough income from JIC to replace a full time job but even on a lower earning month my candle income makes my candle buying self sufficient with money left over to support my business efforts. I'm ok with that!

The quota at Jewelry in Candles is doable. I have to log into my account once every 30 days and I have to sell one product through my store once every quarter. It can even be me buying it. That's it.

JIC provides so much support. Including all the ads that you need to sell online. They give you ideas on how to run your business. the support is AMAZING.

I'm looking for a couple of people to go on this adventure with me. For the rest of the month of January 2016, you can sign up for $19.95. Send me an email at: to find out more information!!

I have a couple offers for you. A: if you don't have the $20 up front, you can throw a flash party on facebook. I will run the party and when you have sold 6 candles. I will buy your store for you, the remainder of the sales from that party will run through your brand new store link. B: if you have the $20 but you would want a risk free opportunity, once you have hit $100 in sales, I will either pay you back your $20 or buy you another 20 scent samples to add to the ones that come wit your kit.

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