Thursday, April 29, 2010

Battle of the wills

I have a very unhappy little girl this morning. She did not get to wear her snow pants like she wanted. So now she hates all of her clothes and even her diaper. She is walking around with a cloth diaper in her hand, yanking at her paper diaper crying.

I suppose when you think about it, she might have a point wanting to wear her snow pants the end of April. It is Indiana after all and it very well could snow I suppose. it's been so darn cold lately.

Thankfully she has a very short attention span and my mean mommy moment of not letting her wear the snow pants should wear off any moment now.

My two oldest are off to Indy today with the German club. It is so neat to me that they are going to the school I graduated from. and doing things that I did when I was in school.

Christian is itching to drive. He's not driven since the night he totaled my van. I don't know when I will let him drive again. I suppose once we have more then one car again. Kevin fixed the neon last night so maybe I will let him start driving soon. Though the thought scares me.

I am currently stuck where nothing really fits me. My jeans are not comfortable but yet maternity pants won't stay up and I have to yank them up every couple of steps. I feel the baby move every once in a while though I've not felt it the last few days. I can't wait for it to get stronger so I can feel it all the time and worry less about it. It will also be nice to know who is inside of me rather then call the baby an "it". I constantly wonder what life will be like once the baby is born. 5 kids. 3 very busy boys, 1 crazy busy toddler and a very needy newborn. I hope the baby is a very relaxed, roll with it type of kid. I don't think it has any other choice.

I took this week off from subbing. But I've gotten a call from one of the schools every day this week. But I sure did enjoy being home. Did a ton of laundry for the boys and just simply enjoyed my girly.

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