Monday, June 7, 2010


I really enjoy facebook. It's such an easy way to keep track and write down the funny, neat, sweet things my kids do. But lately I've talked to people on my friends list who were rather sarcastic about my posts and emplying that I post too much. Well pooh on you, if you think I write too much then remove me from your friends list. Why do you keep me around? my feelings won't be hurt if you remove me.

but for now it's ok I don't feel like posting on my facebook. Maybe I will just blog the things I want to say. Then you can only see them if you actually come to my blog.

Yes I am pouting and yes I am being rather immature but eh oh well, it's my blog I can act how I want.


  1. I agree, people can kiss off. I had an older cousin one day email me back and ask me how my breasts were, jokingly, a few months after Chloe was born. Right after she was born I guess I posted something about breastfeeding. Oops. I didn't care too much by his comment, but it was my fault for posting anything.